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Why we overeat.

Numerous elements cause us to eat more than we need, and eat unhealthy foods—cravings, emotions, stress levels, habits, surroundings, health components like not enough sleep and hormonal irregularities, the list goes on. While the amounts and kinds of foods we eat are certainly affected by hunger, appetite, and taste, overeating remains a complex behavior that needs to be addressed via diverse approaches. The primary step is to change our habits, and we all know how hard that part is. That’s where ABATE™ comes in. Because nobody likes tasteless food!

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ABATE™ targets hunger, cravings, and appetite.


Sense of Smell

Our brains respond to smell, so it’s no surprise that the aroma of certain foods can entice us to eat more than necessary. But studies show that when smell receptors are inhibited, food becomes less tempting.



There are numerous elements that impact appetite including stress, mood, mental and physical health, dietary deficiencies, environment, sleep, hormones, and hydration. This makes it extremely difficult to identify all the reasons we overeat.


The topical component of ABATE™ affects olfactory nerve cells by temporarily obstructing the sense of smell and taste prior to meals, resulting in the desire to eat smaller portions, and eat less often.


ABATE’s proprietary compound of ingredients works to decrease hunger, appetite, and cravings while increasing energy and metabolism. We feel better and don’t want OR need to eat as much!

How to get started

ABATE™ is an effective treatment that can help you succeed with weight loss.
You can actually enjoy losing weight!


Talk to your doctor about prescribing ABATE™. Visit our list of preferred compounding pharmacies that offer ABATE™. These pharmacies do the most volume and have the best prices and understanding of the medicines, and therefore provide the best service.


Begin ABATE™ to regain your health and well-being. Remember to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks while getting enough hydration, rest, and exercise during the program.


Stick with it! Understand that losing significant weight takes time. Losing the first 10 pounds results in measurable health benefits.