Innovative and proprietary nasal spray with Azelastine and Lidocaine as active ingredients.  This spray medicine temporarily (1-3 hours) blocks smell and taste.  Patients don’t like bland and tasteless food and therefore eat less.  Spray is topical and is well tolerated by most patients.  This medicine is not indicated for patients with nasal and sinus pathologies abnormalities.  This medicine is not indicated for patients allergic to lidocaine, azelastine, or the spray itself.


Innovative and proprietary compound of phentermine and naltrexone.  This medicine effectively blocks hunger, cravings, and appetite while providing a modest stimulant effect.  Patients really do feel better while eating less.  Not indicated for patients allergic to phentermine or naltrexone.  Not indicated for patients currently taking opioid pain medicine.  Not indicated if patient cannot tolerate, is medically compromised, or in any way is unsafe to use stimulant weight loss medicine.  This includes (but not exclusively) uncontrolled hypertension, unstable heart disease, stroke risk, anxiety and/or related conditions.  Not to be taken in youth, pregnancy, or other comorbid health conditions medically accepted to be a contra-indication for these medicines.  Phentermine is a scheduled drug with abuse potential. Federal and State prescribing guidelines must be followed.

Patients must contact their medical provider or pharmacist for immediate questions or concerns!

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